Bridal Makeup

Traditional yet trendy, Culturally rich yet contemporary ,indian wedding is treat to watch its occasion of lifetime but we also know its time full of stress. Wedding needs lot of planning for that flawless execution of so many things for that perfect wedding day.

We plan right from designing and printing of invitation cards to hall decor to dress to honeymoon trip , in the process we end up taking too much stress on our self and tend to forget that the most important person of the occasion is non other than ourselves ( Bride and Groom).
We capture every moment of the occasion and cherish it in the archives of our memories.

Can we afford to take chance , Should we allow camera to capture pictures of lifetime showing skin not free of blemishes, scars, pigmentation, fine lines and dullness.
Shouldn't the face be glowing , evenly toned , softer , smoother and radiating.

The walk through the Wedding aisle is more than red carpet walk for any star as its occasion of lifetime. We know hair can make or break our looks, should the hair up be left at the mercy of unprofessional artist?

Its never too late make your appointment today with Beauty , Hair and Make up professional.

On your wedding day, besides wearing the most elegant bridal ensemble, you you must feel fabulous and look as stunning from head to toe, which means having smooth, spotless and radiating face and skin.

We at Prerna's understands the importance of your day and we have developed designed pre bridal program to prepare your skin and hair for the occasion.
You can visit us at any of your nearest branch or make an appointment to discuss the Bridal Package.

Pre Bridal Package
Our Pre Bridal Package starts 60-45 days prior to the wedding day where we prepare your skin and hair by giving routine sessions to make them look smooth and shining for the occasion.
The program consist of sessions customized for brides depending on their skin and hair type.

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